Friday, May 27, 2011

Malaysia-sick !

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

aku betul betul rindu family aku ! aku rindu mak abah , along , acik & all my kezen mezen, pokcik mok cik..paling special my arwah atuk & uwannn laaa.. !

i miss you damn much la !

you are someone there that i will lost all of u at oneday..

and you go somewhere far away =(

one day i will understand why you care about me.

but, i hope..

that day you are always beside me..


in the same time i always care about you and always miss you..

i should appreciate your love to me

thanks God for giving them to me..

i hope our up and downs,

we still together like a nail and content..

so far i'm very very very happy with you all

family + friends and also my BFF !

pray & wish me luck for my examination ,


a sincerely smile from me..HanaSzied..~

for ' YOU ' too..~tengs selalu memaafkan aku !


Sha-na.Szied said...


orang yg membaca ke :P

haktui poyo hehe

hana szied said...

family + friends and also my BFF !

faiz_n.. said...

yang terbaik hana..

homesick+malaysiasick=perkara biasa..
ko duduk mencheh pon lak duk jauh..haha


right kan??

!! Kodet !! said...

fuh Morroco , semoga sihat di sana

hana szied said...

ye Morocco , terime kaseh. harap2nya begitu